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Australian Real Estate

Australia is considered a potential market and opportunity for global investors, including Vietnam, especially in the field of real estate. The Australian government has always created favorable conditions for foreign investors as a way to help develop the economy and the prosperity of the people.

UK Real Estate

In Vietnam, more and more institutional and individual investors are interested in owning overseas real estate, with the UK being one of the most expensive real estate markets.

Real Estate Portugal

Portugal is one of the top countries in the world to buy and invest in real estate. The combination of real estate investment policy and Portuguese settlement program is the path chosen by many international investors, including Vietnam, to be granted permanent residence and long-term settlement in the country. this.

Irish Real Estate

Ireland has an economic growth rate twice that of European countries. And also known as the "Silicon Valley" of the West. Irish real estate investment is attracting a lot of investors in the world and is currently ranked 3rd in Europe.

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